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Scope of Services

The scope of the services provided is based on the service description at the time an order is placed.

Trial periods are limited to 24 hours and may be extended by written request. Once a trial period is up, the card provided will be billed automatically.

Once agreed to, the price of a subscription to one or more services will only increase on an annual basis. This increase will adjust for inflation and improvements in services. A 90-day notice will be provided via email in such case.

Services periods are limited to one month and may be extended month-to-month with automatic renewals. Longer periods may be requested at discounted rates.

Please allow up to 4 business hours for new servers to be setup and tested. We will email you your login information and related guides when you server is ready.

Services rendered are non-refundable. Requests for refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

We guarantee 99.99% server uptime. Any downtime greater than our guarantee will be compensated in the form of free hours, double the amount of time that the server was down. Credit will automatically be applied to all affected accounts.

Customer Support

With exception to Canadian holidays, our customer support is available by phone, email, and chat Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm, PST.

While we do sometimes strive to assist our customers outside our standard operating hours, we don’t guarantee it.

Support requests may take longer during peak operating hours.

We ask that you be respectful of our staff just as we are to you. We reserve the right to suspend and/ or cancel the services of those who do not treat our staff with respect with or without refund.

Payments & Refunds

We do not store payment information on our servers. Upon the purchase of a subscription, your card will be stored and processed using

Subscription renewals may be canceled at any time. Unless otherwise requested, the server will continue to run for the remainder of the time paid.

Payments may be refunded if canceled within 24 hours of the time of payment.

Hardware & VMs

Our services are rendered using a combination of cloud service providers. We do not make guarantees related to the hardware we use.

We do however guarantee your server’s location, virtual machine resources, backups, and uptime.

If you modify your game server with plugins, modpacks, and/ or edit any code, we cannot guarantee its uptime or recoverability.

You are responsible for letting us know if you have your own SLAs you need to maintain. If your server requires unique guarantees for uptime or recoverability, please notify our agents.

We cannot be held liable for hardware or software issues outside of our control such as game or modpack code quality.


You warrant that all information you have given to us is correct and complete.

You must be 16 or older to make a purchase with Bewildering.

You agree to only use your game server for the purposes intended by the game creators. Improper or illegal use of game server will result in immediate suspension without refund and may result in legal actions against you.

You agree that the provision and publication of content created either by yourself or any third party neither infringes Canadian law nor any other law applicable in your country of residence, in particular criminal activity, copyright, data protection, and competition law.

We reserve the right to inspect your game server at any time and remove any questionable content with or without notice. The same shall apply if we are requested by third parties to change or delete content because of a violation of third party rights.

We shall be liable for any damages caused by us only in case of gross negligence or intent. Otherwise, liability is excluded. We shall not be liable for any (business) damages incurred by you caused by any technical failure or downtime of your server. We will of course do everything to limit technical failures and downtime as much as possible.

You indemnify us against all possible third party claims arising from any unlawful/illegal action by you or from errors in the information provided by you to us. This applies in particular to criminal activity, copyright, data protection, and competition law violations.